"Music is a power that puts me in touch
           with the source of love and beauty inside each of us."

Monika Cyrani has been creating and singing her own songs
from the age of five.

Behind the Iron Curtain in Prague, a miraculous gift from a stranger fulfilled Monika's seemingly impossible dream of owning a piano. After the family's daring escape to the West, the 13-year-old Monika was known for her singing in the refugee camp and later in the Performing Arts school where she was the band's solo singer.

In the following years, Monika Cyrani composed one song after the other. She won awards at Talent 98 and Talent 99 "Discover Tomorrow's Stars" in Munich (Deutsches Theater). More accolades followed with Best Singer/Songwriter prizes at the German National Rock and Pop Festival in Bonn (Beethoven Hall) in both 1999 and 2000.

Monika Cyrani became a popular performer at gala events (e.g. UNICEF) and other venues. She produced her first CD's "Live in Harmony" of her English songs and "Me pocity" ("My Feelings") of her Czech songs.

2001-2002 Monika was the producer, choir director and soloist in "The Message of Love" concert series, performed in Bavarian churches.  The press reported that "even the venerable church walls moved" with her passionate rendition of gospels, spirituals, and her own songs of faith and hope.

2003-2004 Monika Cyrani's performance of her latest songs in "The Spirit of Love" concert series again filled her audiences with enthusiasm. The DVD recording "Live in Concert" in Munich's Gasteig cultural center shows the energy-charged yet intimate atmosphere Monika creates.

Both CD's "The Spirit of Love" (2004) and "Divine Inspiration" (2005) are entirely composed, arranged, performed, recorded, co-written and produced by Monika Cyrani.

Monika Cyrani's passion, authenticity and charisma as a performer, combined with the power and beauty of her truly exceptional voice, consistently win the hearts of her audiences.